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You can see how to add tags to a repository on the GitLab documentation page. Also note that if a commit is tagged with any of the tags you have in your repository, the commit will be displayed in the list when you are searching for a tag. Creating Pull Requests in GitLab Your company, product, or project might have a set of tags that are shared between multiple repositories. You might want to pull all of those repositories' changes and apply the changes to your own branch. You can do that by creating a pull request, which is an exchange of commits between two repositories. A pull request consists of three parts: a set of commits that are being sent from the feature branch to the merge branch, the commits that were merged by the merge branch to the master branch, the merge commit that was created by the merge. The commit(s) in the pull request will be included in the merge commit that is created when the pull request is merged. The process of creating a pull request is the same as in GitHub. You can read about it on the GitLab documentation page. There are also two main differences that you might need to know about when you are creating a pull request: The group property The milestone property Let's see them in more detail. Group Property The group property is an optional group for a project or repository. You can use the group property to categorize your repository's commits. This is a way to organize your repository's commits so that you can quickly get to a subset of commits that are relevant for a certain task. Here is an example of a repository with a group property. Here is an example of a repository that doesn't have a group property. As you can see in the first example, the commits are sorted by the number of votes that they received on the projects "Grouping by votes" and "Grouping by votes - Grouped". The commits are also grouped by the people that submitted them. The commits that were submitted by the same person are grouped under the same label. The commits that were submitted by different people are grouped under different labels. You might have noticed that the "Grouping by votes" label has no commits. There are still three votes for that label, and there are three labels that represent the votes, but they are hidden under the "Group




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Khutbah Jumat Singkat Padat Pdf Free iryqabi

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